Who We Are

Media Royale is an IT and web agency based in Singapore – We provide web design (responsive and adaptive), web development (CMS, e-commerce), hosting (web and email) and online marketing services. We specialise in web design, web development, web hosting, and online marketing with over 10 years of experience.

We offer the best web services by listening to your ideas and making your business more profitable. All of our designs are custom made by us based on your specifications.

4 Steps

Our Approach



Before we begin the project, we would like to invite you to have a face to face conversation with us to discuss your ideas. This stage will take us to a deeper understanding of your needs and also guide us throughout the entire process.



Given the right details and information you provide, we will there implement the necessary steps to the build the project. There will be a first revision presented to you on a specific day as to ensure the draft is error free before moving on to the final stage. Don’t you worry, we will make it flawless!



Once the project has launched, we will ask you to test out the user experience of the newly launched interface to ensure that ease-of-use is achieved. For qualitative purposes, feedback is encouraged.



We don’t just stop here. At Media Royale, we believe in a steady relationship with our clients. There will be dedicated standby support ready whenever you need us. Also, we hope to have you, our dear customer, to grow your business with us in the near future.