WordPress Development

WordPress provides ease of use while being a cost effective and powerful tool for your website development.

Whatever your website requirements, we can achieve using WordPress.

Our Singapore based team of WordPress developers has many years experience in building and implementing our clients websites on the WordPress platform. 

This includes using WooCommerce for our clients eCommerce needs. Because WordPress is an open-source platform, it has unlimited potential due to continuous updates and extensions and at the same time improving security.

You won’t find the growth of both your online presence and your business held back by WordPress.


Adaptable and Flexible for Changing Needs

Though WordPress started as a tool for blogging and related types of online publishing, it also now powers a wide range of sites of all types. WordPress can be found to run complex sites for top publications like The New York Times and CNN, Fortune 500 companies like UPS and eBay, to many small business sites.

User-Friendly Beginners included

A WordPress site can be up and running in a few minutes with only a domain name and a web hosting account. WordPress is free to install through your WordPress hosting provider or directly from WordPress.org. Using the intuitive and easily managed Admin dashboard you can customize your site's heading and layout and to start creating pages and posts right away.

Plugins Extend Functionality

While WordPress provides all the elements for a basic site, many users want specialized features to customize the appearance and functionality of their site to meet their needs. Over 19,000 plugins from the very basic to premium are available for WordPress. Readily available functionality and design reduces the costs of your site.

Cost effective Website and Ecommerce Solutions

WordPress can be used for varied sites from informational to full blown business ecommerce. Our team uses WordPress to build your sites and the WooCommerce plugin to build your online ecommerce presense. Plugins and themes found from many sources help reduce costs and speed implimentation of your site.

Wordpress Sites Rank High in Search

WordPress sites are very searchable. This the key to ranking high on Google and other search engines. WordPress sites rank high for their keywords and because they are contantly being updated which is ideal for Google indexing. WordPress also has tools and plugins for optimizing content for SEO (search engine optimization).

Why choose us?

Nowadays it’s pretty common for people to surf the web when they are in need of finding a particular product or service for themselves.

Media Royale focus on studying the current market trends and gathering all the essential requirements to achieve your fulfillment of your business goals. We will go through every stage of the development process to ensure that we are able to deliver desired results.

This also leads to engaging end-users with a better erasability while drives sales to your business and refining the image of your company in a long run. By reaching the final stage, this will leave a remarkable impression on your business and its influence to attract a larger scale of audience and rapid growth for your company.

Thinking about creating a simple website or just want to revamp your current one? We create a web solution that will attract your target audience and fit your budget. Come talk to us!

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